T.U.K.W.N.I.F is an acronym Jamie Kelly uses to describe a kid in her classes. T.U.K.W.N.I.F stands for:"That Ugly Kid Whose Name I Forget." He is a very minor character in the series. It is mentioned he may know or be related to T.U.L.W.N.I.F. T.U.L.W.N.I.F is an acronym Colette uses to describe a lady at her school in "The Problem with Here is that it's Where I'm From." T.U.L.W.N.I.F stands for:"That Ugly Lady Whose Name I Forget." T.U.L.W.N.I.F is only mentioned once, however, T.U.K.W.N.I.F is mentioned numerous times, yet still remains a minor character in the series. His real name is Tucker.Edit

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