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Jamie Alexandra Kelly is the protagonist in the Dear Dumb Diary books. She loves to draw and write. (( I deleted a part because it was an opinion, and some people may not love the Dear Dumb Diary books. 


Jamie is a 13-year-old girl with green eyes and dirty (very dirty) blonde/brown hair. She usually wears a purple (green or pink) long-sleeved shirt with a pink (orange or blue) heart on it.


Jamie is polite, happy, but sometimes jealous. Jamie is very jealous of her enemy Angeline. She doesn't seem to mind it when her  best friend Isabella torments her. She actually thinks it's for friendship and kindness.

She is also very judgeful and sometimes considers herself dumb. She lives with her parents and has one beagles named Stinker. 

She gets very suspicious, as she always puts warnings in her diaries (usually they match the theme of the book) about how nobody (especially Angeline or her parents) has permission to read her diary.


Jamie's best friend is Isabella, who is manipulative and often nasty. Jamie ignores this and sees Isabella as wise and nice. Jamie is also frenemies with Angeline. She constantly writes in her diary that Angeline is to beautiful, or is plotting against her. Both her and Angeline have a crush on Hudson Rivers, 'the 8th cutest guy in school'. He seems to like both of them. Jamie's other best friend is her dear dumb diary that she is constantly writing in.

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