dear dumb diary is one of my favorite movies. it shows the life of an average 13 year old girl, with a major crush on a cute boy named Hudson Rivers. And with every move she makes recorded in her diary, you'd think she'd keep it in her sight at ALL times. But this girl, Jamie Kelly, decides that it's not not much to worry about, because her diary contains several warnings, making it absoloutely clear that they do not have permission to read her diary, and that they are definitely not welcome to look through it. while at the same time, the diary is stolen, and parts of it are being read aloud. most of which are about Hudson.But Angeline covers for Jamie, telling the group who read the diary, that the diary belongs to her cousin, 'Jenny', and that she currently goes to the other middle school, and would be so happy she'd found it. the source of this information to Jamie, was her best friend Isabella Vinchella, who had made her way to the tabe Right behind Angeline's, and overheard there conversation.