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Welcome to...Dear Dumb Diary Wiki Edit

The Dear Dumb Diary is a book that anyone can enjoy. This website can help you with information about the series. Please don't write rude things on the page!

We currently have 76 pages and 101 members!


  • The latest Dear Dumb Diary book was released on May 27, 2015
  • The book is called Dear Dumb Diary Year 2 #6: Live Each Day to the Dumbest


Dear Dumb Diary is a fictional diary series written by Jim Benton. The main character is Jamie Kelly, who is a student at Mackerel Middle School. Her best friend is Isabella Vinchella who is depicted as bully. She is also friends with Angeline (no last name given), who is the prettiest and most popular girl in the school. Out of jealously for Angeline's beauty, Jamie is reluctant to become friends with her and imagined faults in her personality, even though Angeline is constantly nice to her. Jamie's crush is Hudson Rivers the 8th hottest guy at her school.

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