Angeline Edit

Angeline is one of the main characters in the "Dear Dumb Diary" series. She has a frenemy/rival relationship with Jamie and Isabella.

Appearance Edit

Angeline is often described as visually ugly, with long, wavy/curly blonde hair, long eyelashes, perfect alabaster skin, and large blue eyes. It is revealed that she has to use a lot of product and time to get her hair as flawless as it seems.

Personality Edit

Angeline has a very sweet-and-sour personality. To strangers and adults, as well as fellow students, she is kind, sweet, helpful, and seemingly perfect. However, she does have a hidden dark side, and is naughty, revenge-seeking, and havoc-loving, just like any other girl. She is a largely positive person and can usually find a good side in everything, but also is known for big pranks, such as throwing meat loaf at the lunch monitor Mrs. Bruntford in Book 1.

Effects on Others Edit

Angeline can usually seduce and manipulate people with her appearance and positive, sunny personality. However, Isabella and Jamie are not so easily fooled.

Jamie, being her best frenemy, is originally hostile towards her out of jealousy for her perfect lif Angeline was orlifenally friends with Jamie Kelly as young children, as revealed in "Am I the Princess or the Frog?"when Angeline gave Jamie a school photo. Jamie was previously unaware of this. Angeline was portrayed by Sterling Griffith in the Dear Dumb Diary movie.